After steady increases for two decades, travel to Tahiti was on the decline. At the same time, the Tahiti Tourist Board's advertising budget unavoidably had to be curtailed. Because Tahiti's economy was almost entirely dependent upon tourism, there was an urgent need to motivate vacationers to travel to the islands.

Marketing Challenge

1) Introduce the Island to new markets and vacationers, 2) Drive trial among North American travelers seeking a tropical vacation, and 3) Overcome obstacles of distance, in comparison to other options.

Consumer Insight

Research indicated that while awareness of Tahiti was high, people didn't feel it was distinctive enough from more accessible vacation spots such as Hawaii.

Cox Communication Strategy

Since the there was a vivid perception of similarity between vacation islands, the marketing communications needed to be just as brilliant. Tapping into the vividness of color, we placed the Islands of Tahiti into its own pictorial category. Messages captured a bright immediacy and intense contrast within the destination's unusual, exotic nature. Creating a sensation of discovery and allure.

Brand Positioning

The true mystique of paradise resides in Tahiti.