As a year-round resort, the property's many activities over each season led management into a common trap. Their brand positioning resembled one that said, "We have everything. Anytime. For everyone." It had become a diluted brand promise and especially over time, lacked a real value proposition.

Marketing Challenge

Craft a distinct brand positioning. And define it so that it would be both able to embrace a 365-day a year experience and also be identified with specific seasons.

Consumer Insight

This was found to be a plural target—literally—that consisted of friends, families and colleagues spending time together. They were also adventure bound and saw Resort at Squaw Creek an accessible "always-on" resort that created in-the-moment thrills.

Cox Communication Strategy

The Cox team chose to avoid another trap: addressing each target segment as a "buying" audience. Instead, an "emotional" target audience was favored, one that revealed a single brand truth that could be understood and embraced by all buying target segments. That emotional commonality was a higher desire for sharing and for leaving with long-lasting memories.

Brand Positioning

The Resort at Squaw Creek is a sanctuary in the mountains devoted to celebrating active living in the most inspirational way.