A midsize property in a pristine tourist destination is faced with the reality that more and more name brand competitors are moving into their market.

Marketing Challenge

Renovations are to be scheduled, but efforts are needed far prior to groundbreaking in order to keep and gain market share. The interim marketing efforts must launch a long-term branding platform from which to reposition this property. A single, universal communications target versus diverse consumer targets must be engaged.

Consumer Insight

We found that the property had its own unique appeal compared to competitive options. Guests were drawn to Monterey Plaza's singular charm—its genuine personality and architectural flavor—that could not be duplicated by chains, no matter their prestige.

Cox Communication Strategy

Singular experiences being memorable, we capitalized on the property's sensual appeal, and a positioning that could be applied to both business and leisure guests. This universal positioning surrounded special memories that echo throughout life and are spurred by the effects of our senses—sight, sound, taste, touch and aroma. Memories transport to specific special moments, so we sought to appeal to the nostalgic in everyone.

Further, we found this positioning would spark repeat business (just as memories are revisited.) The new tagline and communications assigned Monterey Plaza as a shining example of authenticity, whose unique locale and timeless ambience engage the senses to forge pure and lifelong memories.

Brand Positioning

Bringing back moments of timeless, simple pleasures.